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Kaiserin rolled her eyes at Ray, then faced Milos.

“16? That seems a bit young, yes. I was at least thinking over 18…” She drifted off, wondering why such a young person would want service from Milos.
“If you don’t consider it to be rude, may I ask how old the two of you are? I’m guessing around the same age, but not sure what age.”
She brushed her red hair out of her face, and turned from Milos, silently glancing at Ray for his next witty comment to her from the corner of her eye.

"Mm, yes she is…rather young…" To be completely honest, Milos didn’t mind much.  If there was money in his wallet by the end of the day, he’d help anyone.  He figured the girl could use company anyway- all she did was complain about her boyfriend otherwise.

Ray was the first to jump on her question. “I’m turning 30 this year, bitch!  Bet you’re an old hag ‘r something!”

Milos snapped his head towards Ray, glaring, before facing Kaiserin.  “As you’ve learned, we must ignore him, you look absolutely lovely.”  He smiled.  However, he was just trying to pick an age for himself.  30 was alright, wasn’t it?  He didn’t want to admit he couldn’t remember.

"Ah, I’m 30 as well, actually," he finally spoke up, brushing the hair from his eyes.  "Though he over here," motioning to Ray, "acts about seven."  He paused, "I, may I ask for your age?  I suppose that’s rude of me, but…!"

"If it’s lower than fifty I’ll be AMAZED." Ray snorted.


“Shut up,
idiota, at least you got a gentleman to look after you.” Kaiserin growled.
“Ah, I see. Must have expensive taste after dealing with this client.” She sighed. “I also wouldn’t be surprised if the other woman would happen to get you big bucks for dealing with her.”
oh my gosh, having you around, even if i do gotta pay, would be just lovely. Thank you for the offer of the discount, as well.”
Kaiserin turned to face away from Ray as he sat on Milos’ lap, and snickered as he jumped up after being embraced.

"A gentleman!"  The notion made Ray snort, and he even mumbled a few choice words under his breath, but he didn’t bother to let either of them hear.

"Oh, don’t worry, he’s like a giant child!" He looked at her for a moment, wanting to sigh.  "She’s actually a little young…Turning 16?  Is that what she said…" He doesn’t care enough to remember.  So he shook his head and faced Kaiserin again, bowing his head to her.

"Of course, velvet spice!  Don’t worry about it; I’d be absolutely happy to." He grinned again, tipping his hat to her this time around.

Ray was fed up once more with how much Milos seemed to be enjoying himself, so he continued to growl and tap his foot where he stood.  What a baby.

Speaking of birthdays both Evets and Ray’s birthdays are next month


askthiefgreninja replied to your post: The goo tyrant has no body only should…

Did Milos corrupt his right eye, or is that a new eye patch?

Milos’ eye replaced Ray’s, so now it’s like a glass hole thing omg,


The goo tyrant has no body only shoulders and hands.

Ray and Ralph are gonna have to make room in their bi club and give their leadership up.


No me jodas, pinche idiota! I might be a woman, but i’ll beat your short ass anyday.” Kaiserin yelled.
“Ah, is that so? If you’re hanging with this puto, the pay must be good.” Kaiserin sighed. “I would’ve tried to find someone nicer, though.” She whispered to Milos.
As Ray yelled at Milos to move over, Kaiserin scooted over to the side just a little, and laughed at his efforts to sit down.

Ray wrinkled his nose at her, visibly upset that he couldn’t understand her.  He could sense her hostility, however, and that was enough for him to continue yelling. 

"Beat MY ass?"  He snorted loudly, "Hell, lady, you’ve got another thing COMING!  Damn, I’m going to have to SLAP sense to ya, you fat-!"

Raymond.” Milos’ voice was sharp as he threw a glare at his client.  “Enough out of you, let me speak.  Or I will leave- and you know I don’t do refunds.”

That shut Ray up.

"Oh, every outburst of his sends the price up a bit more," Milos explained, laughing and leaning back on the bench as he spoke.  He looked at Kaiserin, his eye dancing with greed.  "Soon I’ll be reaching triple digits for a flat rate!"  The sparkle in his eye died down as he thought about Ray’s behavior overall.  "Don’t worry, he’s one of the worst clients I’ve ever had.  I wish he was nicer, don’t worry.  My other job is with a girl, and she’s…" With a sigh, "whiny." He glanced at Kaiserin again.  "But if YOU ever need anything done, don’t be afraid to drop me a line!  I’ll even give you a discount; for being so lovely!"

Ray, fed up at this point, stomped over and threw himself down to sit in Milos’ lap, though he shot up again as soon as Milos wrapped his arms around Ray’s waist.  Milos was happy with this.


Beso mi culo, puto." Kaiserin snarled. "Get a dictionary to figure that out. I’m not gonna deal with your woman-hating attitude."
She turned her head to blush as Milos took her hand and kissed it. “Oh, you’re such a flirt!” She cried. “How do you waste your time with that idiota?” She laughed as Milos took a seat next to her.
“And yes, I just enjoy daydreaming. It gives me time to think and leave the earth for a better place.” She smirked as Ray looked at the two infuriatingly.

Ray’s cheeks began to burn up when she spoke; Ray was of Spanish origin, but that didn’t mean he could speak Spanish in the slightest.  That didn’t stop him from recognizing a few words she had said, however.

"What did you say to me, woman?!"  he growled, clenching his fists.  "It’s the RIGHT attitude, lady!  What don’t you shove a-!"

Milos’ hand in his face shut him up, but only made him angrier.  However, Milos now had the moment to speak.  “A flirt?  I’d like to think so!” He hummed a bit, before glancing to Ray.  “Oh, just for the money.” He laughed.  “I’m getting paid, so it’s not all bad.”  He sighed as he grinned at her.

"Exactly, I completely agree!  My, sugar lemon, you surely know how to speak so vividly!"  He glanced up to Ray.  "And what are you so steamed up about?"

"I wANT TO SIT!" Ray snarled a bit, fuming.  "MOVE OVER!"

Milos snickered and pat his lap.  “There’s space here!”

"I rather die!"

"Then don’t complain."

Silly Haust, emotions are for people with brains!


Kaiserin looked at Ray distastefully, then to Milos, who had bowed in front of her.

“uhm… My name is Kaiserin.” She answered. “Who’s the little brat asking me ‘who the fuck’ am i? I don’t have patience for rude people.”
She took Milos’ hand. “You, on the other hand, seem to be a bit flattering with the fancy entrance.”
She laughed. “You’re very kind, Milos. I wasn’t expecting anyone to just pass by and talk to me, I just had my head in the clouds for a moment.”
She smiled at Milos, and moved over on the bench if he decided to sit down.

"Brat?!"  Her words rubbed Ray the wrong way.  He wasn’t one to simply overlook things said to him, so he was already boiling.  "I don’t got patience for women and their clueless comments!"  He snarled, almost baring his teeth.  What an animal.  "I’ll talk to you any way I want, you fuc-!"

"I must cut in here!" Milos chirped, stepping in front of Ray.  "This is my client, but I must admit he’s a bit on the immature side!" He drop[ed his voice down to whisper, "I think he’s compensating for something!" He hummed a laugh, before lifting Kaiserin’s hand to his mouth to kiss it.  "Please excuse me if I’m being so forward!"  He stood tall, grinning a bit.  "I try, kitten whiskers, I try!"  A moment passed, before he nodded again.  "Daydreaming!  Ah, it’s lovely to do so on a day like this!"  When he was offered the seat, he grinned and bowed his head again, before sitting next to her.Ray was left standing and staring at the two angrily.  Milos was totally okay with this.