Classy Creativity

My (classicturtle) art blog. This will be home of my ocs, asks, RPs, art and other things that I don't feel should be on my main blog. Alright, good night. <3
Main blog-

Hopey dresses up and feels super good about herself,

Whenever she’s not crying about her love life.

Snacker was one of the most terrifying enemies of Banjo-Kazooie let’s be serious.

Remember when I drew characters as Punch-out characters and only got to Piston Honda


Picture of the day!

I’m super sick so I didn’t get to do good picture nor color it,
But it’s for Talk Like A Pirate Day argh
Antonio is not talking like a pirate.

Picture of the day!

Can I substitute his name freely with Hot Dog or no.

Dumb concept art for the dream universe

Good, recurring, and day dreams.

Some adorable friends and their cute as heck sweaters.

I might start trying to post a colored picture a day for practice maybe??  I think that’d be good for me.  Maybe.  I’ll probably give up by day 4

Abeo as special guest