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My (classicturtle) art blog. This will be home of my ocs, asks, RPs, art and other things that I don't feel should be on my main blog. Alright, good night. <3
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Sock, Wilfre, and Salem being buddies because a person has to like all parts of themselves.

//am i actually doing a good job with drawing

I actually really like how this is coming out??  Wow,

I need to replay this game again.

Gonna try this writing thing wish me luck

I’ll write for him in a sec.

That moment where you look up an old rp because you remember writing something really good in it and you find it and there’s nothing special in the rp at all.

Send me your oc villains I’m going somewhere and maybe I can draw them having a slumber party while I’m there.

Au where all the oc villains and friends’ oc villains get together and play Mario Kart then eat pizza then talk until 1 in the morning about their deepest motives.

Have my two main villains having a dance party

Shake it